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Do Ductless Mini Splits Actually Have Better Energy Efficiency?


We all want our homes to be more energy efficient. It’s great to put less wear and tear on our systems and be more environmentally conscious, but what if we told you that you could also save money?

Ductless mini splits in Stow, OH use less money to operate and have other benefits that make future maintenance and repairs a lot easier. Let’s talk about why ductless mini splits might be your best next option for home heating and cooling.

There’s No Energy Wasted in Ductwork

With ductwork through traditional HVAC, you lose some warm or cold air during travel. It has to force a lot of air from the main unit all the way through your ductwork and out of the vents on the other end. All that distance gives a lot of opportunity for loss, not to mention the leaky ductwork that you could be facing. Ductless mini splits deliver warm or cool air without invasive ductwork and directly heat or cool the rooms where they’re located.

You Use Less Energy to Heat and Cool Your Home

Instead of traveling through ductwork, mini splits force air through one spot: where the unit is located in your home. The warm or cool air radiates from the mini split and fills up the space, expanding to impact the temperature of your whole home.

Mini splits are effective the moment you turn them on. If you just want to heat or cool a certain area of your home, you can do that instead of wasting money by changing the temperature of rooms you won’t even be spending time in.

Heating and Cooling Are Direct

You’re in your home office, on the other side of the house from your central air conditioner cabinet. You turn on the thermostat and hear forced air make its way through the ductwork, but it takes ages to get to you because you’re so far away. It takes longer to heat or cool the room you’re in as a result.

But what if you were using a ductless mini split? While your proximity to the unit itself does matter, you can get two smaller, powerful units and place them in opposite rooms. These possess enough power to heat or cool your home, but if you just want to heat or cool the room that they’re located in, you can do that as well.

This helps you use less energy and directly control the temperature of one space. If you’re in that same office and that’s where your mini split is located, turning it on and shutting the door is much more energy efficient than heating or cooling your entire home.

Energy Efficiency for the Future

Ductless mini splits are one of the few energy-efficient options available, next to heat pumps. Mini splits can optimize your home without going overboard, so long as you can get used to not having central air conditioning and the way it cools your home.

Contact us today to schedule an installation for your new ductless mini split system and start saving money on heating and cooling costs.

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