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Shirley Duffy, Yesterday
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Mary Diehl Garman, Yesterday

We feel very privileged to be Comfort Club members and are very pleased with your service. Daryl performed our fall service on September 26. Every thing went good. We look forward to having him again in the future. Thank you, Neil & Mary Diehl Garman

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Pat McCrory Matuschak, Last week

They are always polite, and extremely knowledgeable. They take care to make sure they don't get anything dirty, too. I will have to get them to train the family.

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Debi Sarwinski-Stahlberg, Last week

The service was excellent, very diligent in looking at everything, cleaned all the ares that he worked on, removed old tape that was holding ac tubes. went above and beyond what needed to be maintained, repaired work others had done in a hurry.
Gave me great advice about filters and how to store my ac unit for winter, he even leveled the ac unit.
Asked if I had any Questions, answered every one. Very courteous, he even took his shows off before entering my house with out me asking.

These days you never know what your going to get with repair people.
Donald is obviously at the top of his game when it comes to his work.
THANKS CROWN GROUP for sending the best.
Dale Stahlberg

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Teresa, This month
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lee richland, This month
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Robert Blodgett, This month

I appreciated the call ahead on the day of the service. The technician was on time, courteous, thorough, and professional. I also appreciated his willingness to answer my questions. A great overall experience.

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John Motter, This month

Technicians are on time and knowledgeable.

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Terri Everhart, This month

Tim was so thorough. Pleasant and a hard worker.

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Barry Ring, This month

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