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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Akron, OH

At Crown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe in putting out customers first. You should never have to settle for poor indoor air quality. But if we don’t share how you can take advantage of an ERV system or HRV system, then we’re not helping you improve that air quality! Heat and energy recovery ventilations are indoor air quality products that solve any “stale air” problem you may have in your Akron, OH area home, no matter the season.

Throughout the year, we keep our windows and doors shut to keep either our air-conditioned or heated air in, right? After all, this helps with HVAC efficiency. However, even though you’re moderately more comfortable, if you’re dealing with an air quality problem like stale air, then you’re not as comfortable as you can be. An ERV or HRV ventilation system allows you to bring in fresh air without opening up your home and wasting energy.

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Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery in Akron, OH

Heat and energy recovery systems are mechanical ventilators, but they come with a twist—they serve as heat exchangers, too. This enables them to transfer heat between air streams, bringing fresh air into your home while also cooling or heating your living space. This way, you can feel as comfortable as possible without wasting any energy.

For example, say it is a sweltering hot day here in the Akron area. After running your air conditioner for a couple of hours, the air begins to feel stale. You might open a window to let some fresh air in, but this wouldn’t make much sense, as the house would just warm right back up. With an HRV system or ERV system, you can bring fresh air into your home and it pre-cools it in the process for optimal home comfort and improved air quality.

Choosing Between Heat Recovery or Energy Recovery

These two systems are the same in many ways. They both bring you better ventilation. So, is there really a choice between an HRV or ERV system? Yes! There is one main difference between the two, and it’s that an ERV system transfers moisture during the heat exchange process in addition to heat. So if you’re trying to combat excess humidity in your home, an energy recovery ventilator is the way to go.

That said, heat recovery ventilators are incredibly effective, but they don’t transfer moisture as well. So, while it is dependent on where exactly you’re located, and ERV may be a better option overall. The best thing you can do for your home and comfort is to contact an experienced professional, who will help you make an educated decision.

Turn to the Pros for Your HRV or ERV Services

Should you decide to add an HRV or ERV system to your home, you’ll want an excellent indoor air quality specialist to install, maintain, and even repair the system as needed. Not all HVAC contractors are right for the job, but our team understands what it takes to service these ventilators, and we’ll always provide you with reliable service.

If you’re still unsure if one of these systems is right for you or if either of them is even necessary, please reach out to our comfort consultants. We’re happy to help you determine your indoor air quality needs!

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