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Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostats in Akron, OH

Did you know that the thermostat is essentially the brain of your HVAC system? At Crown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing we take a comprehensive approach to home comfort, including looking at how your thermostat is playing a role in HVAC efficiency and efficacy. If you haven’t done so already, you should consider the installation of a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat. 

Wi-Fi thermostats allow homeowners to have precise and unprecedented control over their cooling and heating preferences. Smart thermostats “learn” these preferences, so they can adjust your climate control systems accordingly, without you even lifting a finger. You can trust our Akron, OH technicians to install and service your Wi-Fi or smart thermostat. We’ve been named “The Best of the Best” in HVAC contracting for 2016 and 2019, and our commitment to 100% customers satisfaction contributes greatly to that.

Contact Crown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to learn more about Wi-Fi home thermostats, and how one will benefit your home!

The Best in Thermostat Technology

Why is it we recommend a Wi-Fi thermostat installation for your home? Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system, and if it is not sending the right messages, you could be cooling or heating your home inefficiently, and paying more than you should need to as a result. You might have already upgrade to a digital or basic programmable thermostat within the last decade, and that is a great addition for your home comfort. But a WiFi thermostat replacement offers you even more.

Wi-Fi thermostat installation allows you to remotely control your HVAC systems, and other home components, through an app on your phone, making it truly convenient. Plus you can take this a step further and get one of the smart thermostats on the market, which will learn from your cooling and heating habits and adjust on its own, as we mentioned above.

Don’t Just Get By with a Basic Thermostat

The basic thermostats still found in many homes throughout Akron, OH and beyond are essentially just on-off switches. They tell your air conditioning and heating systems to turn on once the temperature has reached a certain point, and turn off when your desired temperature is met. Advanced thermostats with programmability or wireless features take it a step further and allow you uninterrupted comfort, but even those are quickly becoming outdated.

Smart thermostats let you get automated reports about any HVAC operational issues, adjust programs and operating schedules no matter where you’re located, and, depending on the model, they can even allow you to use other automated features.

Trust Our Team for Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

Wi-Fi thermostats are sturdier and far more reliable than their manual or even digital counterparts. Just like any other electrical component, however, they’re not totally immune to problems. If you think your Wi-Fi thermostat is off in its reading, or it seems to be miscalibrated, the best thing you can do is call on our team.

The thing about Wi-Fi thermostat repair needs is sometimes you might think you have an HVAC system problem, when in reality it’s a problem with the thermostat. The only way to determine this for sure is by contacting a pro to investigate—like the Akron, OH experts on our team!

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