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Heat Pump Services in Akron, OH

Did you know there is a way to keep your Akron, OH are home comfortable all year long with just one HVAC system, rather than investing in an individual air conditioner and heater? It’s possible. Have a heat pump installation done by the team here at Crown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing! We’ve been serving the heating and cooling needs of our customers for over 6 decades, and look forward to meeting your home comfort needs.

We understand that you have a variety of options to cool or heat your home, and we are here to help you make an educated decision. You’re in good hands with our comfort consultants and technicians—we won’t just sell you a system and call it a day—we’ll look at your overall comfort and make the best recommendation for your specific needs.

Contact us today for quality heat pump services!

Solving Your Cooling and Heating Needs

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a professional heat pump installation is that you’ll solve two needs in one. Heat pumps are 2-in-1, year-round systems that allow for the adequate cooling and heating of your Akron area home. They function much like a typical central air conditioner. A heat pump uses the movement of refrigerant between two sets of coils to transfer heat from inside your home and exhaust it outdoors, thereby lowering the temperature of the air inside.

What makes a heat pump installation different is that in the wintertime, this process can be reversed with the simple flip of a switch, called the reversing valve, in order to supply you with efficient heat too! The reversing valve switches the direction of refrigerant flow, to pull in heat form the outdoors and expel it into your living space.

Are You in Need of Heat Pump Replacement?

Has the time come for you to retire your existing heat pump, air conditioner, or furnace? A new heat pump replacement is a great way to go. By replacing whatever your current HVAC setup is with a heat pump system, you’ll benefit from:

  • Convenience: Heat pumps combine all your comfort needs throughout the year, into one system that is easier to service and maintain.
  • Energy Savings: While in heating mode, your heat pump consumes less energy than an electric furnace would, since the heat pump uses energy to transfer heat instead of generate it.
  • Safety: Natural gas-powered heating systems are not inherently dangerous, but still, many homeowners choose the electric heat pump for guaranteed safety.

Akron, OH Heat Pump Services

Have you hear about our Crown Comfort Club membership? This is our heat pump maintenance program that affords you a great deal of advantages. You’ll benefit from 2 system inspections each year, priority customer service no matter how busy we are, half-priced service calls, and discounted repair costs. Heat pump maintenance ensures your system works as best it can for the years to come.

Of course, when you do need heat pump repair, we’re here for that too! Whether your system is stuck in one mode or the other, is making strange noises, or is otherwise operating in a way that concerns you, our team is on your side to properly and quickly diagnose the problem so we can make reliable heat pump repairs and restore your comfort. Contact us today for your heat pump services!

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