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Here’s Several Reasons Why Your Heater Isn’t Working

Heater system that needs maintenance.

You wake up to the first cold day of the season. After you walk across the icy floors to your thermostat and turn the heat on, you notice something. Actually, you notice nothing at all: your heater isn’t working, and you’re not sure why.

With your heater not working, you need a technician to fix the problem. Let’s walk you through the possible reasons that your heater is giving you such a hard time so you know what to expect when your HVAC specialist gets there.

Old Dirty, Clogged Filters

Your heater needs air to operate. Dirty filters don’t allow as much air in, putting additional stress on your system while also increasing the amount of time your furnace needs to run. If you’re lucky, a filter change is all you’ll need to fix your furnace troubles.

Your Thermostat is on its Way Out

Is your thermostat not reflecting the actual temperature of the room you’re in? This is one of the first signs that it’s starting to fail. Other problems could show, such as short cycling, programmed settings not being saved, and failure to turn the AC or heat on when you set the temperature.

Each thermostat is different and you will run into different problems depending on the underlying cause, but it’s important to be on the lookout for any thermostat problems that could appear in the meantime.

Poor Maintenance History

Spotty maintenance over the years may not point to a specific problem, but if your heater is clearly encountering some kind of issue and is beginning to fail, you can look to the maintenance records to give you a clue as to what’s wrong.

Without proper maintenance, stress on your entire heating system will take its toll and begin to cause severe damage to your heater. After you repair whatever main issue you’re facing, you should get set up on an annual maintenance plan to prevent the same problem from popping up again.

Burned Out Blower Capacitor

Capacitors are devices that retain and output electricity. They endure a lot of stress while working in your heater, and even though they’re designed for that streses, they can still run into problems. A shorted capacitor can be enough to stop your blower from turning on in the first place.

You’ve used your furnace enough to know when the blower motor is supposed to kick on. If you listen for it and hear a whirring sound like it’s trying to start but won’t, it could be the capacitor. There’s no way to know for sure until you have a licensed and certified professional take a look at it.

Your Heater Needs a Helping Hand

Your heater isn’t working for one or more reasons, and they could be on this list. It’s time to call a professional to help you handle your heater as soon as possible. The season is only going to get colder from here on out: don’t wait to get your heater serviced.

Contact us today to schedule a repair call for your heater and turn your comfort back on.

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