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What Causes a Slow Drain and What You Can Do About One?

Monday, October 4th, 2021

In some ways, a slow drain can be a more insidious problem than a full clog. Why? Well, ask yourself which one of the two is most likely to get you to call a plumber to fix it. A clog is hard to ignore and can bring parts of your life to a halt. A slow drain is easier to ignore and “tolerate,” so you may let one continue—until eventually you have a clog, or possibly an even worse problem on your hands.

When a drain starts to only slowly pull water from a sink, or shower, or bathtub, it’s sending a warning sign something is wrong. Don’t wait on this, hoping it will somehow get better (it won’t). Instead, call us for plumbing service in Uniontown, OH. We fix the slow drain and prevent larger problems that might be looming. 

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