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Couple Your AC with a Dehumidifier This Summer


Air conditioners are natural dehumidifiers, we know this. In the process of cooling the air in your home, they also remove moisture from the air through condensation. This is great because that moisture can lead to us feeling incredibly uncomfortable and hotter than we would otherwise.

However, your air conditioner, believe it or not, isn’t well-equipped to do a whole lot of dehumidifying. In fact, it can stress your air conditioner out and cause excess wear and tear that could break it down more quickly over time. That’s why we provide installations for dehumidifiers in Akron, OH. These indoor air quality powerhouses can remove large amounts of moisture from your home and leave your air conditioner to do what it does best—cool.

Let’s talk about what this combo can do. Having both an air conditioner and a dehumidifier is a great way to get comprehensive cooling without stressing out your AC.

What’s the Point?

You might be asking yourself, “what’s the point of a dehumidifier if my air conditioner is going to dehumidify my house?” While that’s a solid question, it’s missing the point. Your air conditioner can dehumidify your home, but it has to work much harder to complete that job. It’s essentially like asking someone to cook dinner and clean the dishes. It’s doable, but it’s going to take a lot more time and energy. Having a dehumidifier is like adding someone to help with the chores, it makes the job easier on your air conditioner.

The Problem with Humidity

Humidity makes your home feel hotter than it is. The moisture in the air gets in the way of your natural ability to releases sweat and deposit heat. Think about it this way, your body perspires when temperatures get hot and uncomfortable. Your sweat then evaporates in the air and that process actively cools your body down and releases the heat that’s trapped under your skin.

When humidity rises to uncomfortable levels, it inhibits the natural process of your body to have sweat evaporate. This is why we always feel sticky and gross when humidity levels increase. When dehumidification takes place, it removes the moisture from the air and allows the sweat on our bodies to evaporate and our skin to remain dry. This feels, overall, much more comfortable.

Don’t forget, humidity also accelerates mold growth which is absolutely something to avoid if you care about your health and the property in your home!

The Duo of the Century

Sure, running a dehumidifier alone is a great way to remove moisture, and make your home feel dryer, but it’s not going to cool like an air conditioner will. Likewise, an air conditioner will do an exceptional job of cooling your home, but it’s dehumidification qualities are subpar. So, why not team them both up!

By using both a dehumidifier and an air conditioner, you’re really getting the best of both worlds. You can seriously address your humidity concerns while also staying cool and comfortable during the summer. It’s a win-win!

Call the team at Crown Group Ohio for your very own dehumidifier installation!

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