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Extremely High Water Bills? You May Have a Hidden Leak


“What’s going on with these water bills?” If you find yourself saying that each time the monthly utility bills arrive, you may have a serious problem with your home’s plumbing in Green, OH. You may be able to trace the increased water usage to issues with poor habits—overlong showers—but chances are strong that you’ve already taken things like this into account. You don’t know why the water use has increased so steeply and taken your monthly bills along for the unpleasant ride.

We can make a good guess as to what’s going on, because as professional plumbers we see it all the time. Your home has a hidden leak. Possibly several. This is common in homes all across the country and is one of the leading reasons for household water waste.

Other Signs of Hidden Leaks

The big trouble with hidden plumbing leaks is right in the name: they’re hidden. It’s hard to tell at first that your house has them. Often expensive water bills are the first sign of a problem. There are other signs you can look for that will confirm you’ve got water leak trouble:

  • Odd behavior from the water heater, such as turning on and off when there’s not a demand for water. This happens when there are leaks in the hot water lines, which are more common than in cold water lines.
  • Discolored spots on the ceiling or walls.
  • Warped floorboards or bumps underneath the carpet.
  • An unusual rise in indoor humidity.
  • Mold and mildew growth.

The Water Meter Test

Here’s a test you can make that will give you a direct answer about your suspicions regarding leaks. Locate the home’s water meter and write down the number on it. Then shut down all water-using appliances and don’t use any water for at least an hour. Check the water meter a second time. If the number has changed, you have a leak somewhere.

Professional Leak Detection

The good news is that you don’t have to do any more hunting for the actual leak. This is a job for plumbing professionals. Leak detection is a specialized service that we offer customers that locates all disguised leaks in a house so we can repair them.

Leak detection requires a combination of plumbing knowledge and advanced technology. Our plumbers will look over the house to determine the likely spots where the leaks are located. They’ll then use devices such as ground microphones and thermal scanners to pinpoint the exact location of the leaks. Another valuable tool we often use is video pipe inspection cameras, which can look at the plumbing from the inside to find the leaks.

Once we know where the leaks are and their size, we can decide the best way to access them and repair them. Precision leak detection is helpful here because we limit the amount of excavation or drywall cutting down to the minimum. We’ll have the job finished fast and wipe away the traces of the work. You’ll have the integrity of your plumbing system restored and your bills will be back to normal.

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