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What Can I Do to Fix My Heater When It’s Not Working?


When the weather cools down, at first it’s a relief. October can be one of the most pleasant months of the year, and not just because of the Halloween season. But then cooling turns to cold, relief changes to concern. This is when you’ll turn on your home heating system to banish those concerns.

But what’s this…? Your heater isn’t working? Okay, now you’re back to concern. What can you do about a heater that either isn’t delivering the warmth you expect or which isn’t working at all? You have several options, but we’ll start with the best:

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This isn’t your only option, because in some cases a “failed” heater is a simple error, something that’s been overlooked. We recommend you make a few basic checks on the heater to ensure that the problem isn’t one you can correct with a simple adjustment. However, when you’re finished with these troubleshooting steps, schedule repair services. Don’t try to go further and use tools to attempt to fix the furnace on your own. You can’t—not only do you lack the training and tools to even accurately diagnose what’s wrong with the heater, but you may also put your family at risk. It’s not safe for amateurs to work on central heating systems.

The Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check the furnace switch: If you have a furnace (gas or electric) for heating, see if the furnace’s switch is still turned to “OFF.” This is a dedicated circuit for the furnace used to shut down the system for the summer, and it also trips in case of safety problems. You’ll find this switch located near the furnace cabinet, often on the wall. Change the setting to “ON,” which is a step people often overlook when they turn on their heating for the first time at the end of the year.
  • Change thermostat settings: Another step people sometimes overlook is changing the programmable settings on the thermostat for the weather change. Double-check that your thermostat isn’t still treating the house like it’s summer, and also see if anyone in your household fiddled around with the settings to try to adjust the temperature. (Kids sometimes play around with the buttons!)
  • Reset tripped breakers: Any type of heating system, even a gas furnace, relies on electrical power to some extent. A circuit overload can trip a breaker in the electrical panel and cause the heater to fail to turn on. See if any breaker in the electrical panel has tripped (this is where you’ll appreciate having labeled the circuits). Reset a tripped breaker for the heating system if you find one. However, don’t continue to reset the breaker if the problem persists, because this means you have a more serious problem that needs professional attention.
  • Change a dirty air filter: We recommend changing the HVAC filter at the start of each season so the heater/AC gets clean airflow. A clogged filter can cause a furnace to overheat and trip the limit switch to shut it down. It will also cause a heat pump to struggle to provide heat. Put in a fresh filter to see if this makes a difference—and you should do this as a maintenance measure no matter what. 

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