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Why Is My Furnace Making That Odd Noise?


You’ve had your furnace for a few years now, and you are accustomed to the sounds it makes when it turns on and turns off. But then you start to hear something a bit … different. Or maybe a lot different. An out of the ordinary sound or a loud and upsetting noise. You’re worried something is wrong, and that’s a healthy feeling to have, because the furnace system may be warning you it needs professional repairs. 

We recommend shutting off the furnace at the dedicated switch (a breaker switch located near the cabinet) and then call us for furnace repair in Akron, OH. Our technicians can diagnose the trouble and find a remedy so your family will stay safe and warm.

Let’s take a look at what those sounds might mean:


This might be a simple problem: a loose front panel on the furnace. Some furnaces have safety mechanisms that will activate and down the system if the panel comes loose. Check to see that the panel is secure. The noise may also come from loose parts in the blower assembly, and this requires professionals to fix.


You’ll hear clicking when the furnace starts as the burners light. This is normal. But if you hear a clicking sound after the blower turns off, it’s a cause for concern since it may indicate a cracked heat exchanger, which is a potentially dangerous situation that needs repairs right away.


A sudden loud “thwump!” sound that makes you jump often indicates a delayed ignition of the burners. That noise you’re hearing is the large build-up of unburned gas in the combustion chamber suddenly igniting at once. You don’t want delays with the burners, since it can mean they’re dirty, corroded, or the gas flow has problems.


These are the sound of motors in the furnace (which power the blower fan) running down or burning out. The shrieking sound often means the bearings in the motors are almost shot, and if you have professionals replace the bearings they can save the motor. The grinding sound warns that the motor is on the verge of burning out and probably needs to be replaced. For an older furnace, these sounds might be the motor belt. 


Hearing this sound on occasion isn’t usually a serious problem. But when it happens often, it may be a warning that the ignition system has faults or there is something wrong in the ductwork.


A sound like the eerie whistle of the wind through the trees may be a pleasant sound for an October mood, but it’s not something you want to hear coming from the furnace. Fortunately, this sound probably comes from something you can fix on your own: a clogged air filter. Regular filter changes are necessary to keep the furnace operating properly, so be glad you had this warning as a reminder.


This may mean air has gotten into the gas lines. You’ll need to have professionals fix this by “bleeding” the furnace.

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