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Watch for These Signs Your Furnace Is Failing


Here’s something you don’t want to happen this winter: a furnace that abruptly ceases to work. Nobody wants to be trapped in a cold house, desperately trying to arrange for the furnace service in Akron, OH to warm it back up. We have 24-hour emergency repairs to help whenever you encounter a furnace failure, but we know you’d rather avoid this sort of trouble in the first place if possible.

The good news is that furnaces rarely fail without giving off some early warnings. If you know what to look for, you can get our technicians in early to repair the furnace (or, in cases of extremely aged furnaces, replace it) at a more convenient time. Below is a list of the more common warnings that you have a furnace heading for trouble. 

ONE: Moisture build-up in the house

At first, this may not sound like an issue that has anything to do with your furnace. But if you’re encountering moisture appearing on the walls or ceilings during the winter, and it isn’t something you’ve seen before, it could be that the furnace has airflow issues and the air is becoming stagnant. Proper ventilation and airflow are signs of a healthy furnace, so when they stop, the furnace may not be healthy.

TWO: Short-cycling (the stop-n-start furnace)

Have you noticed that the furnace is turning on more often than usual? The standard way a furnace runs is in heating cycles that last 15 minutes or longer. When the furnace shuts down early and then turns back on again, repeating this process a few times an hour, it’s called short-cycling. It places heavy wear on the furnace and can indicate a range of major repair issues that require professionals to investigate.

THREE: Change in burner flame color

If you have a furnace where you can look through the cabinet and see the burner flames, make an occasional check on them to see if they’re burning a steady blue. A change to yellow, red, or green means incomplete gas combustion and possibly poor furnace venting. Both require professional attention, so we recommend you shut the furnace off and call us for assistance.

FOUR: Strange sounds

Any noise that’s out-of-the-ordinary for your furnace is something to pay attention to. These warning sounds include shrieking, hissing, clanging, booming, clicking, and grinding. 

FIVE: A spike in heating bills

Most malfunctions in a furnace, even if they’re not yet affecting heating output, will cause the system to expend more energy to run. This will appear on your utility bills. Don’t shrug off an abrupt rise in heating costs: not only is it expensive, but it may be telling you the furnace is heading for a breakdown. 

SIX: You can’t adjust the thermostat to where you’re comfortable

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to set your thermostat to a steady temperature during the day, with an adjustment at night, and have the comfort you need. If you find that you’re continually making adjustments to the thermostat because temperatures are fluctuating too much, you either have a thermostat or a furnace that isn’t working right—and you’ll need professionals for both.

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