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Why Daikin Mini Splits Last for so Long

Ductless mini splits are quickly becoming one of the most favored ways to cool your home, but there’s more than one brand making these machines. Daikin is one of them, and they’re known to last for an exceptionally long time due to their quality and craftsmanship.

Getting a Daikin mini split installed in your home isn’t as lengthy of a process as you might think. Since mini splits in general have faster installation times, you could have one in your home before you know it. Let’s talk about why they’re an excellent brand of mini split.

Quality Construction First

Daikin is a renowned brand in the HVAC world, and its constant commitment to high-end products is seen far and wide. Their mini splits have attention to detail that help promote longevity, and make them simple to service.

While all mini splits will eventually need repair and maintenance, anecdotally, you can do your own research to find that Daikin is held in high regard across forums and social media–they just keep working, and give you less of a headache than some other brands of mini split.

Engineered to be Efficient

Do you know what brand your central AC is? Chances are, you’re not completely sure, and that’s because it takes a lot of praise for any manufacturer in the HVAC world to be recognized by homeowners. You’re just after the solution, and that’s okay, but Daikin wanted to become a brand that people remember.

So they engineered better, more efficient mini splits. Based on market ratings, Daikin’s A+++ rating is the absolute highest that you can go. They wanted to make sure you wanted for next to nothing while you enjoyed your home cooling, and that’s what they want to deliver.

Excellent Warranty

Daikin offers a 10-year parts unlimited warranty. Considering that most home HVAC systems last for between 10-20 years (varying greatly on which type of system you choose), that’s a massive deal of confidence in your product.

While it’s impossible to say exactly what length of warranty duration all other HVAC brands offer, you can find that many don’t provide 10-year warranties in any fashion. Daikin means business.

Are There Other Good Mini Split Brands Too?

Absolutely. While Daikin is excellent, you don’t have to choose them to get a great experience and save money on your heating and cooling bills. They have some of the most efficient systems, but we also have other options available if you want to go with another brand or a different price point. Just contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Mini Splits Are the Future, and Daikin Takes You There

Known to last for ages and supply you with refreshing, cool air, Daikin simply outdoes the competition. We’re proud to carry these mini splits, and we know you’ll love them in your home. Find out what makes them so different from the rest by experiencing it.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to schedule your Daikin mini split installation as soon as possible and take control of your comfort.

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