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Warning Signs of an Air Conditioning System in Trouble


The best way to prevent running into a need for air conditioning repair in Akron, OH is to have routine maintenance done before the summer heat arrives. Our Crown Comfort Club is the easiest path toward the regular maintenance that will keep your AC in top shape for the season, so if you haven’t arranged for your annual appointment, sign up for the club to get started.

But there’s no way we prevent all air conditioning malfunctions, and the best way to mitigate problems and prevent major air conditioning system failures is to watch for the early indications of AC trouble. Air conditioners may not come with complex computer diagnostics that will tell you exactly when something is going wrong, but they do give off warnings when trouble is starting. Below are the common signs to look for that will help you know it’s time to call for our technicians.

Unusual noises/loud operation

Is your air conditioning system starting to become a noise polluter? Or you’re hearing sounds from it that you aren’t used to hearing? These odd sounds can include rattling, clanging, mechanical shrieking, grinding, or hissing. Sometimes the problem may just be the door to the cabinet is loose. But in most situations, loud noises or strange sounds warrant calling a technician to investigate.

Ice on the AC

Ice is not a normal occurrence for an air conditioner, although people often make the mistake of thinking it is. When you see frost developing over the evaporator coil of the air conditioner, it means the coil is failing to absorb sufficient heat, which could be the fault of a number of different issues. You’ll want this solved ASAP, since it may indicate there’s a danger to the compressor from leaking refrigerant.

Rapid on-off cycling

An air conditioner’s cooling cycle is supposed to last for at least 15 minutes before it cycles down. When the AC is turning off and on over a shorter period of time, it’s called short-cycling and indicates an AC malfunction that could be due to compressor issues, a faulty thermostat, ventilation trouble, or even an incorrectly installed system. Because short-cycling places heavy amounts of stress on the air conditioner, it will soon create more problems, so please have this looked at as soon as possible.

An unexplained rise in bills

Almost any air conditioning issue will result in the system draining more power to work, and this will cause your utility bills to rise. If your air conditioner is costing more to run than you expect it to, have our technicians run a diagnostic to see what may be wrong.

Uneven cooling

If parts of your house are keeping cool as you expect, but other rooms aren’t, then it may be an early warning that the AC is starting to lose its capacity to cool the house. Don’t just “tolerate” a few warm rooms—have the problem investigated to head off losing cooling for all the rooms!

Crown Group Ohio offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us when you need air conditioning repair.

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