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How Often Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Your air ducts carry conditioned air throughout your home, but you often don’t think about them. It’s natural to focus on the AC itself more than the ducts and vents, but over time, dust and debris build up in those ducts and cause problems.

Your first thought might be about debris getting into the air. While it can certainly take away from your indoor air quality, it has a fairly negligible impact. The real problem with dirty ductwork is the fact that it makes your air conditioner work harder than it’s supposed to. Let’s go over air duct cleaning in Akron and see where you stand to benefit from it.

So Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning in the First Place?

There are air quality concerns to address, but they’re not the main reason to get your air ducts cleaned. When your AC’s blower motor forces air through your ductwork, it barrels down and exits at the vents along the way.

Now imagine you add a bunch of obstacles in the way. That’s what happens when dust and debris build up over time. Dust can create cobweb-like obstructions that provide air resistance, so the force of air traveling through your ductwork gets some wind taken out of its sails, so to speak.

If you’ve ever noticed that the rooms farthest from your air conditioner don’t get as cool as the rooms closest to your air conditioner, this could be why. The more obstructions there are, the less pressure your conditioned air has to reach its destination.

Air Duct Cleaning Is Not an Annual Service

Your air ducts build up dust and debris over time, but you don’t need them cleaned out once every year. That would be a bit overkill. Instead, once every 3-5 years should suffice to keep them clear and stop air resistance issues.

There are some caveats you should keep in mind though.

  • Frequency of Use: Do you use your air conditioner and heater fairly frequently? If so, you should aim for air duct cleaning once every three years.
  • Summer Homes: Dust will slowly gather in your ductwork either way, even if the AC and heater aren’t on for half the year. If this is a vacation home you’re thinking of and you’re only present for a few months per year, you can get away with waiting the full 5 years in between air duct cleaning appointments.
  • It’s Not Included in Maintenance: When you get AC or furnace maintenance, air duct cleaning is not included in that service and shouldn’t be assumed. If it is, it will be exclusively stated. Don’t assume that annual maintenance takes care of your air duct cleaning concerns.

Air Duct Cleaning Can’t Wait Any Longer

It’s a service you only need once every 3-5 years, but one that’s crucial for your air conditioning efficiency. If it’s been a while since your last air duct cleaning, or you simply don’t know how long it’s been, that’s your sign to schedule an appointment today and give your AC the TLC that it so desperately needs.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to schedule your air duct cleaning as soon as possible.

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