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What Sets Commercial HVAC Contractors Apart


As the owner of a business or a commercial building, you might be very handy. Perhaps you have some experience with routine maintenance tasks. Or, if not, you’ve probably got a building maintenance worker on staff or on your speed dial. So, when your commercial HVAC system needs help, should you do it yourself or have your general maintenance person do it? Definitely neither!

HVAC systems are complex, and it takes extensive training to be an HVAC technician. Beyond that, commercial HVAC systems and the buildings they’re in are quite different from residential HVAC systems and homes. For truly excellent commercial HVAC service, you need expert commercial HVAC contractors. Here’s what sets them apart.

Technical Expertise

While certain aspects of HVAC systems are approximately the same in both residential and commercial settings—albeit generally on a different scale—others are quite different. To give a couple of examples, rooftop modular units are not something an HVAC contractor usually handles while working on homes, and commercial AC systems have very different drainage needs. 

A commercial HVAC contractor has technicians whose training and work experience is specifically with these types of systems. They’re able to diagnose and resolve problems much more quickly and accurately because of this expertise.


The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board issues licenses to qualified HVAC contractors. It’s not legal to do work on HVAC systems without this license. While you might not be too worried about tinkering with something in your own home (though you would void your warranty and could damage your system or hurt yourself) you can’t take the risk with your commercial property.

Comprehensive Services

While you might be able to get someone with lesser qualifications to install an air conditioner, what will you do if they install it incorrectly or when it needs maintenance or repair? What about your heating system? Or anything else to do with ventilation, air filters or purifiers, dehumidifiers… the list goes on. You need someone who is qualified and reliable with all facets of commercial HVAC in Hudson, OH.


When it comes to your building, things could go wrong at any time of the day or night. You won’t be able to wait around until it’s convenient for your maintenance person, and you won’t be able to take the time to play around with trial and error with someone who isn’t experienced with commercial systems. 

You need someone there right away, and you need them to be efficient and precise at fixing the problem. You need a commercial HVAC service with technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Being considerate and professional in a business environment is different from working at someone’s home. True commercial HVAC professionals are well-practiced at minimizing interruptions to workflow and normal operation of businesses. They know how to be unobtrusive in busy, high-traffic situations. They know how much impact an HVAC problem can have on a business, and they’ll take your needs seriously.

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