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How to Prepare for Furnace Installation


Spring is a great time of year to schedule furnace installation. Furnace techs and installers tend to have more scheduling availability. You can have the heat off and doors open without worrying about getting terribly cold. And then you can spend the summer resting easy in the knowledge that you’re already prepared for winter with a brand-new furnace.

Once you’ve got an appointment scheduled for your furnace installation, you’re most of the way there! But you still might not know quite what to expect from this process. Here’s our easy checklist to prepare for your furnace installation. With this, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to make it go smoothly and easily.

1: Clear Your Schedule

For the simplest furnace replacements, switching from an old to a new model of the same type of heating system with no extra steps required, the process could take four hours or perhaps even less. But sometimes it takes more like eight hours, so you should make sure your schedule is clear for the whole day.

The only times when a furnace installation would take more than a single day to complete is when other modifications are necessary. Perhaps you’re switching from an electric furnace to a gas-burning one, and your gas line needs to be extended. Or perhaps your ductwork is badly deteriorated and needs to be replaced. In cases like this, your technicians will explain the situation beforehand.

2: Clear a Path

Think about where your installers will need to park, and which door they should carry the old furnace out of and the new furnace into. Make sure the way is clear of any obstacles like branches or bicycles. Then clear a path indoors from that door to the old furnace, moving any furniture as necessary and making sure there’s nothing on the floor to trip over.

3: Clear the Work Area

Around your old furnace, clear plenty of space for the installers to move around and work. This is a good plan anyway because your furnace should have about five feet of space around it at all times to avoid creating a fire hazard. This is especially critical when it comes to flammable items like cardboard boxes, trash, dryer lint, or fabric.

4: Keep Your Pets Safe

We love animals as much as anyone. We’re not assuming that your pets will cause problems. But even the friendliest pet—perhaps especially the friendliest pet—can put themselves in harm’s way during a heating installation. We would hate to step on a paw or tail or accidentally allow an indoor cat to squeeze out an open door. Your pets will be safest if you shut them in a separate part of the house before your installers arrive.

Now that you know what to expect and how to streamline the process, we hope you’re excited for your furnace replacement in Hartville, OH!

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