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What HVAC Services Do You Really Need for Your AC and Heater?


People often have questions about their air conditioners and heaters but don’t always know how to get honest answers. Whether you’re a new homeowner or simply trying to be better informed about the appliances and systems in your home, it’s absolutely worth taking the time to do some research. 

With a little time and care, you can have heating and AC systems that work better for longer. What are the essential HVAC services that you really need for your AC and your heater? We’ll give you the information you need. There are two main things you need to know, and these things apply to both heaters and air conditioners. 

Maintenance Is Critical

Both air conditioners and heating systems require maintenance to be done every year. Ideally, that will be done shortly before the season when that system works the hardest, so schedule AC maintenance for spring and heating maintenance for fall. When you’re diligent about getting maintenance done every year, you’ll reap many benefits.

Both types of systems accumulate dust and grime throughout the year, and cleaning it away will improve airflow and prevent overheating. Both have moving parts that need to be lubricated annually to avoid friction and wear and tear. Both have electrical components which need to be checked and tested for safety and accuracy. 

When you’re having maintenance done, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your technician any specific questions you have. They can give you tips on keeping your HVAC system in good condition and show you how to change air filters—which is a type of maintenance you should be doing yourself on a monthly basis.

Repairs Must Be Done Promptly

When you have a problem with some part of your HVAC system, you should always strive to have it repaired as soon as possible. Both heaters and air conditioners will use more energy and drive up your utility bills if they have to keep working while they struggle with a problem. And in either system, a minor malfunction can develop into a disaster if it doesn’t get repaired.

For example, both your air conditioner and your furnace use a fan to push the cooled or heated air through your ductwork and out your vents. A loose or off-kilter fan blade will make noise and cause the system to struggle a little bit and is easily fixed. But if that fan blade breaks free and hits other components, you’ll have a problem that can’t be fixed with a quick twist of a screwdriver.

To make sure you get repairs done when they’re needed, pay attention to any strange sounds from your heater or air conditioner. Odd odors are another indicator of problems and should be investigated by a professional. Either type of system can also short cycle when it’s struggling, turning on and off too frequently. And any time you aren’t getting the performance you need from the system, get repairs.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate. Get answers and assistance from experts in all things HVAC in Akron, OH

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