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Uncommon Furnace Repairs You Won’t See Coming


Even a homeowner who has never looked closely at a furnace can probably take a guess at how they work or what components they might have. This makes some furnace repairs pretty understandable. There’s something that makes heat, a burner or a heating element, so it makes sense that this might need repair. Air blows out vents, so there must be a fan and a motor which powers it, which could encounter problems.

But some things that can happen to a furnace might come as a huge surprise. A qualified technician in furnace repair in Canton, OH might not see these every day, but we still see them often enough that we know how to handle them. What furnace repairs are particularly unusual or surprising? Here are a few that might not have occurred to you.

Electrical Problems Due to Water

A heating system like a boiler contains water, but your furnace does not. How would it encounter enough water to damage the electrical components? Perhaps your home flooded during a storm, or the roof leaked. Or maybe there was a plumbing problem. In any case, water and electrical components came into contact, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

You might be particularly surprised if this happened to a gas furnace. All furnaces, regardless of the energy source they use to create heat, do have some electrical components. So no matter what type of furnace you have, if it’s been exposed to water, don’t wait to see if problems develop. Get it professionally inspected right away. 


Again, we have a problem that’s about water. If you have a condensing gas furnace, it will create more condensation than an ordinary gas furnace. This is how it works so efficiently: instead of venting exhaust while it’s still very hot, it uses that heat to warm your home, allowing the exhaust to cool down before venting. During this cooling, water vapor will condense into moisture.

Your furnace does have a system in place for this: a condensation pipe that carries the moisture away, typically to the outside of the home. But if that pipe is not at a steep enough angle, or if lack of support under the pipe allows it to sag and develop a low point, water can pool in the pipe. Then, cold temperatures can cause that water to freeze, blocking the pipe and causing the furnace to shut down automatically for safety!

Disconnected Ducts

Naturally, ductwork can become damaged over time. But did you know that whole sections of duct can simply become disconnected, leaving nothing coming out your vent while your hot air is delivered to your attic or the space between your walls? This is most likely to happen because of shoddy or amateur installation, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important to have all your HVAC work done by qualified professionals.

If you suspect you have any of these problems, or if anything else is wrong with your furnace, keep in mind that prompt repair can prevent a minor issue from turning into a major repair need or even a completely broken-down furnace. 

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to schedule your furnace repair as soon as possible.

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