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How Long Will My AC Last?


A central air conditioning system is a major investment. It may not be the most expensive appliance you have in your home, but it’s a vital part of your family’s comfort and you’ll want to get as many years of cooling as possible before it’s time to replace it. 

But how many years can you reasonably expect your current AC to last? At what point should you start considering a replacement unit?

We can provide some answers to these questions, although when it comes to making a final choice about air conditioning replacement in Akron, OH, please work with professionals. Our team can help you to make a decision, and if it’s to replace the AC, they’ll ensure you get a great new unit that’s matched to your household’s needs.

AC Lifespan Estimates

Okay, down to the basic numbers…  

The average service life expectancy for a residential central air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years. You may sometimes hear that ACs should be replaced every 10 years, but this isn’t true. An air conditioner may need to be replaced after a decade of use, but this isn’t an absolute. The 15-year mark isn’t an absolute upper limit either, but it is the point where an air conditioner is most likely to start to see a major decline in its efficiency and a rise in the number of repairs it needs. We generally advise customers look into a replacement for their AC once it’s over 15 years. 

Other Factors

The 10 to 15-year estimate for an air conditioner’s lifespan is based on the assumption that the unit receives regular maintenance each year, usually in spring. Professional maintenance is essential for any AC system to work at its best and slow down the speed that it ages. Neglecting maintenance allows wear and tear to take hold faster on the AC and lower its service life. An AC that doesn’t receive any maintenance may only last half its estimated service life, perhaps only making it to five years.

This is one of the reasons we stress the importance of maintenance! Having to replace an air conditioner after only five years when it could have reached 15 is a large waste of money. (Also important to note: skipping maintenance will void the equipment warranty, so an early replacement won’t be covered.)

The amount of work an air conditioner does each year can also affect its service life, although this is often dependent on local weather. For example, an AC in Southern Arizona is less likely to make it to 15 years than one in a colder climate. Although we sometimes experience hot summer days in Akron, they’re about average for what air conditioners are designed to handle. If you keep up with regular maintenance for your AC, it shouldn’t have much trouble reaching 15 years of solid service.

Think Your AC Is at the End? Give Us a Call!

If you’re uncertain about whether your AC is ready for a replacement, we’re here to help. We’ll inspect the system and give a professional opinion about whether you can keep it going for a few more years or if it’s more cost-effective to get a new one. 

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