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How Long Does AC Installation Take?


If your air conditioner is not up for the job of cooling your home for the summer, it’s time for a new system. The great news is that new air conditioners are more effective and more efficient than ever before. Even when your old unit was brand-new, it used more energy than today’s systems do, and old units get progressively less efficient.

Your new air conditioner is going to be fantastic. You’ll be so happy with your choice. But before you can bask in the cool air, you have to get that system installed. Do you know what to expect? We’ll tell you what your technicians will be doing during your air conditioning installation, how long it will take, and how to streamline the process.

Out with the Old

Before your new air conditioner can be installed, the old one has to be taken out. First, your installation techs will assess the area around your indoor and outdoor units. They’ll make a clear plan and communicate that to you. And they’ll do any preparation that’s necessary where they need to work. Only then will the old units be disconnected and moved out of place.

In with the New

The new units will be put in place and connected. It’s important for them to run for a little bit, to ensure that they’re working properly. During this time, your technicians will be showing you how to use the system, giving you your owner’s manual, and tidying up any mess.

Installation Timeline

If major modifications are required, you’ll know this ahead of time. This could be the case if you have an older home that has never had central AC before, for example. But only in instances when significant preparations are necessary will your installation have to take place over more than one day.

If that’s not the case for you, plan on having the whole day available for your installation. It should not take more than eight hours. Many installations take considerably less than that. Sometimes, the whole process can be complete in just four hours or so.

Streamlining Your Installation

Wouldn’t it be nice if your installation went so smoothly and easily that it was done in a surprisingly short window of time? We can help you accomplish that. You just need to take care of a little bit of preparation, so when your technicians arrive, they can get straight to work.

First, clear the way outside. This means removing any clutter or obstacles between where the truck will park and the door the installers should use, as well as between the truck and the outdoor AC unit. Rake, trim, or hose away any debris, plants, or mess from the outdoor unit so there’s plenty of room to move units around. 

Second, clear the way inside. From the door to the indoor unit, make sure nothing is in the way. Clear some elbow room for working around the indoor unit as well. This will ensure that your installers don’t have to spend anywhere near as much time on the preparation part of the process.

Finally, consider your pets. We would feel terrible if we stepped on the paw or tail of a curious pup, or accidentally allowed an indoor cat to scoot out. Keeping them shut elsewhere will keep them safe, as well as speed things up by allowing the technicians to focus on the job.

If you have any other questions about what to expect during your air conditioning installation in Akron, OH, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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