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How AC Maintenance Reduces Repair Needs


Here’s an impressive piece of data for you: when an air conditioner receives regular, annual maintenance from a qualified technician, the needs for AC repair can be reduced by as much as80%. Wow! Any time you can reduce something costly and inconvenient by such a dramatic amount, it’s sure to be worth it. But you might have some questions.

What does AC maintenance involve? How does it reduce the need for AC repairs? Are there other benefits? We’ll explain everything.

The Steps of AC Maintenance

Air conditioners are made by a variety of manufacturers. Older air conditioners have some differences from newer ones. Ductless AC systems or heat pumps have their own particular concerns and some different components. This means some of the details of the maintenance routine will differ. But regardless of what system you have, the four basic steps of AC maintenance will always be the same.

  • Cleaning: Dust and grime are wiped away from all parts of the AC system. The condensate pan, where moisture accumulates, and the drain, where it leaves your home, are washed.
  • Lubrication: Moving parts of the air conditioner, which rub against each other, are lubricated to keep that movement smooth and easy.
  • Inspection: With all that dust gone, it’s easy for your maintenance technician to see and inspect every component of your air conditioner, checking for even the slightest sign of a problem.
  • Testing: AC units are electrical appliances, and their electrical components need to be tested. Secure wiring connections, a motor that’s drawing the right amperage, and a properly calibrated thermostat are all essential to AC operation.

How AC Maintenance Reduces Repair Needs

The cleaning your technician provides will reduce repair needs because those blankets of dust can cause overheating. The wires in the blower fan motor can even fuse together if they get too hot! A clean condensate pan and drain will prevent moisture leakage, water damage, suspicious smells, and an AC unit that shuts down automatically to prevent the condensate pan from overflowing.

The lubrication reduces friction and wear and tear. Friction can also cause components to overheat, and it puts strain on the compressor, which keeps the refrigerant circulating. Without the compressor, all you’ve got is an overpriced fan!

The inspecting reduces repair needs because when issues are corrected while they’re still quite small, they never turn into big problems that make strange noises, stop your air conditioner from keeping you cool, or cause it to break down altogether.

The testing can prevent serious AC repair calls, such as for dangerous electrical problems, and it can also eliminate unnecessary AC repair calls, such as those caused by thermostats simply giving the wrong readings while nothing at all is actually wrong with the air conditioner.

All those unnecessary repairs sound pretty terrible, don’t they? You can save yourself 85% of the headaches and expenses—not to mention the time spent overheating while you wait for a repair technician—by getting AC maintenance in Uniontown, OH.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today with any questions about AC maintenance or to make an appointment.

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