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Why is Water Coming Through My Kitchen Floor?


We’re the plumbers in Akron Ohio who have seen just about every type of plumbing problem possible, but when you think of a plumber, the first thoughts that come to mind may be fixing a sink, toilet, or drain.

What about when water begins to rise through your kitchen floor? It’s a plumbing issue, but where do you even begin to uncover its cause? We know, and the reasons behind rising kitchen water may shock you.

As a note, this is a serious problem that will definitely cause some level of property damage. This requires a fast reaction to mitigate damage and stop the cost of repairs from increasing.

Leaking Pipe

Water doesn’t move upwards on its own. If water is rising through your floorboards, it’s likely because that water is coming from a slightly higher source.

This could be a pipe in the wall, under the sink, or a leak in your radiant floor heating system. While you may be able to spot some moisture along your wall or under your sink, radiant heating is a different story.

The way the tubes are encased in the flooring makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue, especially if the area is spreading. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this calls for an emergency visit from a plumber.

Excess Groundwater Pooling

When it rains, it pours, then it soaks into the ground and becomes groundwater. High levels of groundwater can put pressure on your foundation, cause cracks, and allow that water to seep into your home.

Depending on how your home is structured, water could be coming in through the side of your home. Now that it’s visible in your kitchen, you can find out how extensive the damage really is.

One solution for this is to get a sump pump for your basement to take care of extra groundwater and draw it at least 20 feet away from your property. If it’s pooling near your house and not being taken care of, you’ll have bigger problems down the road unless you take care of it now.

Drainage Pipe From the Fridge

Your fridge is meant to drain condensation. Water runs down into a drainage pan, then the heat of the compressor evaporates the water and the cycle repeats.

But sometimes the drainage pan can get blocked by bacterial buildup. Bacteria in water can (and often does) grow to clog small, dark spaces. The same can happen with your air conditioner cabinet’s drainage line as well.

If it’s not a block, check the water line you have hooked up to your fridge. Check its connection under the sink. There’s a chance that it’s loose or there’s a pinhole-sized leak.

Ruin the Rising Waters

Now that you know why water rises through your kitchen floor, you can thwart its efforts. Call us for help and get someone out to your property ASAP. Let’s stop the spread of water and the damage it can cause together.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to get a technician out to your home immediately and stop the spread of water before it causes serious (and expensive) damage to your home.

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