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Can Air Scrubbers Kill COVID-19 in Your Home?


While the time period we often refer to as “The Pandemic” may be over, COVID-19 is still a real threat. At the time of writing this in February of 2023, there were an average of 38,000 hospitalizations and 4,700 ICU patients over a 7-day period.

COVID-19 is still with us and perhaps you’ve wondered if there’s a way you can remove COVID-19 particles from the air in your home to protect yourself and your family. Does an air scrubber kill COVID, or is there no way to do it?

Yes, Air Scrubbers Can Disarm COVID-19

Viruses like COVID-19 are measured in micrometers. COVID-19 has a particle size of 0.1 micrometers, which can be picked up by air filters. However, air filters are not enough to pick up all COVID-19 particles. Not only that, but they don’t neutralize those particles; they simply trap them.

Air scrubbers work differently. They use titanium dioxide rods with a UV light inside. Air passes through, and the combined efforts of the titanium dioxide and UV light kill contaminants. That includes COVID-19.

Are Air Scrubbers Good for Anything Else?

Air scrubbers rose in popularity as a result of people searching for in-home devices due to COVID-19, but they provide more benefits.

  • Can Prevent Sick Building Syndrome: Sick building syndrome, or SBS, is the result of poor air circulation. Even when air is circulated, it can continuously push contaminants through the air and actually increase the chance of you inhaling them. They hit your respiratory system and can make you sick. Neutralizing those contaminants before they go through your HVAC system is how you take control of the fight.
  • Reduces Respiratory Inflammation: Even if you don’t have an allergy to dust, it’s still not helpful to breathe it in on a constant basis. You shouldn’t have to worry about breathing in VOCs. There are plenty of contaminants like dander and dust that air scrubbers can kill.
  • Surface Contaminant Reduction: When particles come through your HVAC vent, they fall onto surfaces. If you’ve ever seen dust particles falling to surfaces below in the middle of concentrated, bright natural light, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. That’s happening all around your home. If an air scrubber kills those contaminants before they come through your AC vents, you reduce the amount that lands on surfaces by a large degree.
  • It Works Fast: Air scrubbers make an enormous change in your indoor air quality and quality of life in as little as 24 hours after installation, even though your HVAC system isn’t running 24/7.

In short, air scrubbers can make massive improvements to your quality of life without being ridiculously expensive. Yes, some maintenance will be required and the rods will have to be changed out every once in a while, but the benefits are beyond worth it.

Air Scrubbers Are Great for a Healthier Life

Beyond just killing COVID-19 particles, air scrubbers help you live a healthier, happier life by improving your indoor air quality and reducing your chances of contracting sick building syndrome. It’s an all-around life improvement for you and your family.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to install an air scrubber in your home.

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