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Are Pipes Knocking Loudly a Big Problem?


You hear pipes knocking in your home, and think nothing of it. It’s just some sounds, right? What harm could it do?

Knocking pipes do not spell immediate disaster, but it’s like your plumbing system saying “Hey, I’ve got something coming down the pipeline.” It’s a precursor.

We don’t want to worry you, but you should have some level of concern regarding knocking pipes. Let’s talk about everything you need to know before you call us for repairs.

What Causes Pipes to Knock in the First Place?

If you hear knocking pipes, it doesn’t instantly spell disaster or worry. Your water is pressurized (which is a good thing), so sometimes you hear the sound of pressurized water moving through your pipes.

We call this the “water hammer.” It’s a noise that indicates your pipes are working as intended. No pressure means your plumbing isn’t working as intended.

But when that noise is much louder than you’re used to, there’s a reason to be concerned. This means that any pressurized air in the pipes could be leaking, and when that happens, water moves extremely quickly and makes a much louder knocking sound.

What Can Be Done About Them?

You can flush your water line. It sounds scary, but we’ll walk you through it.

Make sure everyone in the house is aware of what’s going on, then shut off your water at its source. This is called the water main. It should have a clear shutoff valve.

Now you’re going to flush the existing lines. Open all the faucets in your home and flush your toilet. Your sewer line will work regardless of whether your water main is on or not.

Lastly, gently turn your water main back on. If you open it abruptly, you may run into the same pipe-knocking problem. Close your faucets once they’re running and now the knocking should stop.

How to Know When You Actually Need a plumber

Flushing your line can help, but what happens when it doesn’t do the trick for your specific problem? That’s when it’s time to call in a plumber. You may need a plumber if:

  • There’s visible water damage and you don’t know why
  • You find warm spots on your floor that you can’t explain
  • The water meter is running, indicating it’s on, but your faucets are closed
  • You can hear water running even when all the faucets are closed

If any of these problems jump out at you, then it’s time to contact a professional. This means the problems have moved past a DIY phase and require the tools, know-how, and experience of a professional who can diagnose and solve your plumbing problem as quickly as possible.

Knock Knock

We know knocking pipes can be scary, but we’re here to help. If you don’t know what the issue is and need a helping hand, our expert plumbers will be able to assist you. No call is too small, whether it’s pipe knocking or something else.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today for your next plumbing repair or schedule plumbing maintenance to prevent problems like this from appearing in the future.

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