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Uncommon Furnace Repairs You Might Run Into


You expect your heater to need new filters and an annual tune-up, but what about the repairs that you aren’t aware of? What about the unexpected? There are a few wildcards we need to shed some light on so you’re completely prepared for the next time you need to call for furnace repairs.

Don’t get stuck typing in “furnace repair near me” without a clue as to what’s going on with your furnace. Instead, we’ll run you through a few uncommon scenarios so you can be better prepared. When it’s time to call for repair, we’re a simple phone call away (whether or not the problem is on this list).

Fan Speed Set Too High

When it’s a little too stuffy, what do you do? You turn on a fan. Think of a floor fan and how it cools the air. Your furnace has a fan, too, but that one is used to force warm air through your ductwork.

So if the fan is set too high, you end up with cool air instead of warm air. It cools the air you just paid to heat. This takes exponentially longer to warm your home than it should, so you put extra wear and tear on your furnace and run up your energy bills.

There’s a safety feature built into your furnace fan that is supposed to limit the maximum fan speed. When this breaks, you end up with the aforementioned problem. This can also wear down your fan very quickly; it’s time to call for repairs.

Water Leaks

Water and electricity do not mix. When there’s a nearby water leak (from a pipe, drain, etc.), that water can leak and damage your furnace. Beyond furnace damage, water leaks can also cause other problems in and around your HVAC system including:

  • Mold Growth: Mold is harmful to your health and spreads quickly. It can go into your ductwork depending on the severity of the leak, then you’re breathing in mold spores.
  • Electrical Damage: When water leaks into wiring and closed electrical areas, it causes destruction. Water leaks will permanently damage your furnace.
  • Home Instability: Water damage leads to wood rot, which leads to unstable flooring and walls. This problem can quickly become worse.

Rodents Chewing Through Ductwork

If critters get into your ductwork, it’s because they ate through it. When it’s cold outside, they look for warm areas to settle in, and there’s nowhere in your home warmer than your ducts.

Once they chew through the duct, warm air escapes and tanks your energy efficiency, spikes your bills, and can cause mildew growth as it drifts into dark spaces in your attic.

Some Repairs Get Weird

Most repairs are straightforward, but sometimes uncommon issues can really put a damper on your HVAC systems. Let us take care of your next furnace repair, whatever it may be, and get your home back in order. Just because you run into an abnormal repair request doesn’t mean your home comfort should have to suffer for it.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to schedule your furnace repair as soon as possible and restore your family’s comfort.

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