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Why the Indoor Air Quality of Homes Is Often Bad


Poor indoor air quality is a serious problem across the country according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA estimates that the air quality inside buildings is, on average, worse than the air outdoors. Low indoor air quality is linked to numerous health complications such as dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and headaches. Some indoor contaminants can lead to long-term effects and serious illnesses. Unfortunately, the trouble today is worse than in previous decades, which is why many homeowners seek out the help of HVAC professionals to improve the air in their homes. 

This may sound odd to you since most people think of unhealthy air as something occurring outside. But modern homes have big trouble with maintaining healthy indoor air quality, and below we’ll talk about why. 

Homes have tighter construction

The first reason for the decline in indoor air quality sounds paradoxical: houses are better built now than they were before. Energy efficiency is important for modern homes, so they’re constructed with an effective heat seal against the outside. But a side effect of this tight construction is that it restricts fresh air circulation through the building. Any indoor contaminants will remain trapped inside the house and continue to build up in concentration.

Homes have more sources of indoor pollutants

The second reason for bad indoor air quality is that there are more sources of airborne pollutants inside homes than ever before. The list of items that create pollutants is long: varnishes, paint, building materials, lacquers, cleaning products, cosmetics, hobby products, toner cartridges, cooking products, and more. And you still have to deal with standard dust, lint, and dander on top of all that.

Can I just open up my windows and let fresh air in?

Yes, we recommend doing this when you can. It can do a tremendous amount to circulate out stale air and bring in fresh air. But you can probably tell why this isn’t the all-around solution you need: open windows also bring in the heat and the cold. You certainly can’t have open windows during much of the winter. So what else can you do about low indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality solutions

There are several ways to improve indoor air quality with the help of HVAC professionals. A basic starting point is to have them install an air filtration system that filters out the larger particles circulating through your house. To handle smaller particles, technicians can put in an electronic air purifier, which uses UV rays or ionization. The right air filter and air purifier combination can eliminate 98% of unwanted contaminants.

If you want fresh air circulation without bringing in the heat or cold, one of the best methods is a heat or energy recovery ventilator. Our technicians can explain how all of these work.

Whether you need an energy recovery ventilator or an air purifier in Uniontown, OH, you can put your full trust in Crown Group Ohio to help you enjoy the best air possible in your house.

When you need indoor air quality solutions, call on Crown Group Ohio. Your Comfort Experts Since 1963.

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