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How to Keep Your AC Running When the Summer Heat Is On


The big heat of the summer has arrived, and we can expect the scorching days to continue in the near future. It’s during heat waves like this that the air conditioning system in a home becomes more than just a comfort device. It’s essential for daily living and it can even be a lifesaver.

Here’s the problem: the more heat, the more an AC has to work. And the more an AC has to work, the faster it wears down and the more likely it might overheat and fail. We don’t want you to face a problem like this in the second half of summer! We have air conditioning repair in Akron, OH to help if your air conditioning system runs into trouble, but we know you’d rather avoid trouble in the first place. That’s why we have this post. It contains helpful advice on how to keep your AC healthy and working during the worst summer heat.

Have your AC professionally maintained if you missed it earlier this year

We can’t emphasize this enough: routine annual maintenance for an air conditioner is the best way to prevent catastrophic breakdowns and keep an AC working normally, no matter the heat. We recommend maintenance in spring to prepare for the summer, but there’s no expiration date on maintenance. So if you haven’t had it done yet, it’s not too late to call us. This prevention is much better than the cure!

Don’t push the thermostat down lower

In fact, raise the thermostat if possible! No, we’re not cracked from the heat: we advise you raise the thermostat setting to as high as you and your family find comfortable. This means the AC will not run as long and it will reduce the strain put on it. Lowering the thermostat will force the air conditioner to stay on longer (it won’t produce cooling any faster) and risk overheating. A good temperature to aim for is 78°F, which most people will find comfortable. But if you can stay comfortable at 82°F, go for it!

Keep up with regular air filter changes

Do you know how to change the air filter of the AC every 1 to 3 months? If not, then your AC could already be in trouble because of the amount of extra work a clogged filter will force from it. Even if you do know to change the filter, now is the time to pay close attention to it. Check the filter each month to see if it’s already clogged.

Clean the condenser and keep the area around it clear

If the outdoor condenser cannot adequately release heat from the condenser coil and blow it out with the exhaust fan, extra heat will remain trapped in the AC. This is a common cause of an air conditioner overheating. Check that the condenser has a foot of open space on all sides without any obstructions (such as plants that have started to grow closer). Then wash off the cabinet with a hose on low pressure (never blast water into the condenser). 

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