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How Duct Sealing Saves You Money on Your Cooling Bills

Your air conditioner relies on a steady intake of air, and that often gets all the focus. We talk about changing the AC filter, clearing obstructions from the intake, and what all that does to the condenser coil.

But let’s pump the breaks for a minute–what about the other half of your system’s airflow? Your ductwork is the delivery system for conditioned air, and it might be the cause of your airflow and inefficiency problems. Duct sealing in Akron can help, and here’s how.

Restores Air Pressure in Your Ductwork

Imagine you have a paper bag. You bunch it up, put your mouth around it, and blow air into it. It’s going to fill up pretty quickly, and the wrinkles in the paper will stretch out as it fills up with air. That’s a good deal of air pressure.

What would happen if you used a sharp pencil and poked one small hole in it, then tried to fill it up with air again? The air leaks out, and the more holes in the bag, the more air leaks out, and the harder it becomes to fill the bag.

Your ductwork endures wear and tear over time, and before you know it, there are small leaks at the joints or little holes that allow air to leak out. You need air pressure in your ductwork so it can actually deliver cool air to every vent in your home.

You Spend Less Money

This is how it works: your thermostat detects the temperature, sends an “ON” signal to the air conditioner, and the AC runs until the room cools off. Then the thermostat sends an “OFF” signal, and we’ve come full circle.

Every minute your air conditioner is running, it’s slowly racking up wear and tear. It’s unavoidable damage that happens with usage and time. With leaky air ducts, that cool air gets dumped into your walls or attic through those leaks, then it doesn’t cool the air in your immediate living space.

It takes longer to cool the house, the AC runs longer, and therefore racks up that damage faster than it should. Not to mention you’re now spending more money in monthly utility bills to run it.

Humidity Problems Can Arise

Humidity in your home needs to be controlled. Your AC helps keep your relative humidity level (RH) down to a livable level where mold doesn’t have the opportunity to grow. But when air leaks into your walls and attic where there’s little to no ventilation, humidity can build.

The AC isn’t controlling humidity in those areas of your home. Moisture-related problems can cause five figures worth of damage if left unchecked, and air duct sealing gives you the best possible chance of preventing these problems in the first place.

When Was the Last Time Your Ducts Were Sealed?

Most homeowners can’t remember, especially since it’s not an annual service. Your ducts don’t have to be sealed often, but when there are air leaks, it costs you money every single time you run your air conditioner. Let’s help make your AC more efficient and stop it from burning a hole in your wallet.

Contact Crown Group Ohio as soon as possible to plan your appointment for duct sealing today.

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