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Summer AC Maintenance Checklist

Summer is still here, and your AC has been through it this season. It’s time to make sure it doesn’t run into any problems by giving it the old one-two tune-up and revitalizing its vitality. Let’s talk about what should be on your summer AC maintenance list and why it matters.

  • Replace Air Filters: Your AC filter collects a lot of dust, and it’s only supposed to work for 30-90 days depending on your AC usage. After that, it needs to be replaced, so make sure you do that first while you run through your summer AC maintenance checklist.
  • Calibrate That Thermostat: This is normally carried out by a technician, but if you have the manual and knowledge, you can calibrate your thermostat on your own. Using the information provided by the manufacturer, you’re just making sure it’s reading the temperature of the room accurately so it sends the right signals to the AC itself.
  • Clean the Outside Unit: A lot of debris builds up around your AC cabinet throughout the year. Dirt, twigs, leaves, and more. It’s time to clear those out and clean the area around your AC cabinet. This helps prevent the condensate drain line from clogging up and keeps the fan free of debris that could otherwise impede functionality.
  • Clean Condenser Coils: Your condenser coils are where the magic happens. Warm air hits the coil, then it converts to cool air (in a nutshell). But they get dusty, and that impairs performance to the point that it can freeze and damage your AC. Use a hose and clean them off.
  • Clear the Drain Line: Your condensate drain line may look like a narrow black tube running from your AC. It’s bringing condensation from the drip pan away from the air conditioner cabinet, that way nothing floods. The problem is, mold and mildew can build up in this tube, not to mention external debris that makes its way inside. You have to make sure this gets flushed to prevent backup and cabinet flooding.

What Should Be Done by a Professional?

Everything we listed above can be done as DIY projects, however, they are time-consuming. Then there’s another level of maintenance that should be carried out by an HVAC technician, especially if you aren’t comfortable with them. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Lubricating all internal moving parts
  • Running an air pressure test on ductwork
  • Checking for loose electrical connections
  • Ensuring there’s no overdraw of power in any area
  • Inspecting blower motor
  • Checking refrigerant line for leaks

Never Skip Summer AC Maintenance

This summer’s been a brutal one for sure, and there’s no sign of next year being any milder. It’s important to prepare against every possible level of summer heat, and you do that with maintenance. Make sure you don’t skip your annual AC maintenance so you can keep your AC in check all year long, and know it’ll be reliable when next summer rolls around.

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