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Choosing Your Next AC Unit


Picking the right air conditioner for your home isn’t as simple as selecting a picture from a catalog and having a contractor install it. If only it worked that way. There’s an entire process to selecting your next air conditioner.

What you need for air conditioning installation has likely changed from the last time you had this done some 10-15 years ago. There’s new information and best practices to take into consideration, so let’s get into it.

It Starts With the Size

An improperly sized air conditioner can cause several problems in your home. If it’s too small and it’s trying to cool a large area, it can run continuously and never stop. At that point, whether there’s a leak in the refrigerant line or not, your compressor is going to freeze up when there’s no break.

An AC that’s too big may cool your home down faster, but it could be using more power to operate than you need in the first place. When it pulls all that power at once, it gets expensive. The bigger your AC unit is, the more it’s going to cost, so make sure you hire a contractor who can size it accordingly.

Efficiency (SEER2 Rating)

SEER2 is a rating system that describes the efficiency of certain HVAC systems. In short, it’s how efficiently your AC can cool your home, so the higher the rating, the better your unit is at saving you energy (which means saving money).

While there isn’t a lot of variation in what you’ll find for SEER2 ratings on new air conditioners, they’re still there, so opt for the highest possible rating if ongoing efficiency and saving money on operating costs is of utmost importance to you.

What Type of AC Do You Want?

It used to be simply: central systems or window units. Now we have heat pumps, mini splits, and geothermal cooling. There’s a lot to choose from.

Depending on what you have in mind for your home for the long haul, it may be wise to invest in a system that isn’t the traditional central AC. If this is a “starter home” for you, the cheapest acceptable central AC option may be more appealing to you, especially if you plan on selling soon.

Installation and Maintenance

Your air conditioner can last you for a decade or more, but it starts with a proper installation. Bad install jobs can lead to your AC cabinet sinking into the ground, water pooling in and flooding the evaporator coils, frequent freezing, and more.

Always opt for a company that knows what they’re doing to install your new air conditioner properly and avoid issues from popping up down the line that happens with amateur installation.

It’s an Investment That Deserves Your Attention

Your comfort, quality of life, energy bills, and indoor air quality are all on the line. You need to make sure that whatever AC unit you get next, it has enough power and capability to be there every time you need it. Schedule your pre-installation visit, get the right AC unit for your family, and get back to the comfort you deserve.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to schedule your air conditioner installation, replacement, and future maintenance for that new unit while you’re at it.

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