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Get Ahead of the End of the Year With Heating Maintenance


The start of September doesn’t mean cool weather. But it is the start of people thinking about cool weather as they look at the trees and wonder when the leaves will change color. When you begin to think about the shift in seasons, that means it’s an ideal time to schedule your annual heater maintenance in Green, OH. The coming winter is going to be as tough and cold as we usually get in Ohio, and your heater needs the same quality pre-winter treatment it should get every year.

What Makes Heating Maintenance a Special Service

Heating maintenance is not a repair. You don’t call someone to tune-up a malfunctioning furnace that isn’t heating your house. You call someone to repair it. Maintenance is a service you call for when your heater appears to be running fine. In fact, it usually hasn’t been running at all for months. Maintenance is a series of tasks designed to prepare the heater to operate its best during the coming season and to prevent it from wearing down and needing repairs in the future.

Yes, This Is an Annual Necessity

Heating system maintenance is not a job you schedule every few years, or when you remember it. It’s not a bonus service. It’s a necessary job that needs to be done like clockwork each fall. (You can have it done later, and later is better than never, but if at all possible have maintenance scheduled in early fall before the heater needs to start running.) A heating system that misses maintenance, whether for a year or multiple years, will run into numerous problems and cost the homeowner plenty in comfort, repairs, an early system replacement, and even safety concerns.

The Benefits of Maintenance

Let’s take a positive look at maintenance by describing how it benefits you. Our Crown Comfort Club is designed to give your heater the best tune-up and inspection each fall, and that means …

  • Fewer repairs: The majority of repairs a heating system may need are preventable through maintenance.
  • Extended service life: A heating system that misses maintenance will not last as long and fail years early. Maintenance helps you get the best from your original installation.
  • Winter peace of mind: A well-maintained heater has a much lower chance of catching you by surprise with a breakdown on one of the coldest days of the year.
  • Efficiency: You can stop the slow decline in energy efficiency, and the subsequent rise in heating costs, with maintenance.
  • Warranty protection: Ensure your equipment warranty stays in force.

Sign Up for the Crown Comfort Club

Our maintenance plan, the Crown Comfort Club, provides maintenance for both your heater and your air conditioner. (The AC needs a spring tune-up.) Membership has bonus benefits along with the benefits of maintenance: you get half-price on service calls, 15% off repair calls, and priority placement in the service queue when you need help. Talk to us for more details about the Comfort Club. We’re ready to help prepare you for winter.

Crown Group Ohio: Comfort Experts Since 1961. Sign up for the Crown Comfort Club today to get on the schedule for heating maintenance.

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