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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Immediate Repair

Your water heater just works in the background, rarely making noise or raising a fuss, and it slips into the old adage of being out of sight, out of mind. So when you start realizing there might be a problem with your water heater, it stands out front and center.

We service water heaters in Medina, OH all the time and know exactly what signs you should be looking out for to make sure your water heater doesn’t slip into complete disrepair. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Showers Are Lukewarm at Best

When you turn on the hot water, you expect it to be hot, then temper it with the cold water in your shower. But if it’s just coming out lukewarm without any adjustments, that’s a pretty big problem.

This could be due to your heating element coming to the end of its life expectancy, or it could be a miscalibrated thermostat that’s requesting a different temperature than you expect. However, one thing is clear: something is going on with your water heater in one way or another.

You Hear Odd Noises From the Water Heater

Every now and again, your pipes will make funny sounds. This can be due to temperature changes, pipes expanding in certain weather conditions, or just a bit of air in the pipes from time to time. It’s not a cause for concern when you hear a little knock or bump, but if it’s continuous, excessively loud, or doesn’t stop after a brief period of time, it could be a bigger problem.

If the sounds are rattling you or jarring enough to make you jump up from your seat, consider shutting down your water heater. This can be done from the circuit breaker if need be. Then call for repairs, and we’ll send someone out as soon as possible.

Leaks and Puddles are a Pretty Big Indicator

You don’t want water leaking out of your water heater. Visible leaks or puddles on the outside of your water heater are immediate red flags, and they should be taken seriously before the leak gets worse. This isn’t to be confused with boilers, because those can sometimes have small areas of water around the pressure relief valve for various reasons. But your water heater? That’s not supposed to happen.

Before you assume it’s a leak, clean up the area with absorbent towels and inspect it again a half-hour later. If you find more water, you’ll know it’s definitely coming from the water heater. That’s one reason to call for repairs.

Your Water Heater Is Telling You Something

Now that you know what problems to look for in your water heater, you’ll be better equipped to handle repair requests as they come up. It’s time to be confident that your water heater is in good hands–that’s why you have us on your side, to help you through every water heater trouble you might run into.

Contact Crown Group Ohio today to schedule your water heater repairs as soon as possible.

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