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Air Sealing in Akron, OH

When you hear the term “air sealing” in relation to your Akron, OH area home, you probably think of your ductwork providing necessary air to your home through various spaces, and the potential hidden damage that may be causing your conditioned air to escape into these unoccupied spaces. This is an important part of home performance, but not the only factor to consider.

With our incredible team, you can say goodbye to any woes you might be experiencing with your air ducts. At Crown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe in focusing on customers first, and that means looking at how your indoor air quality could be impacting your health and safety. We want to make sure you aren’t suffering due to poor ductwork. Our company is A+ rated by the BBB and was named Best of the Best in HVAC contracting in 2016 and 2019—we aim to do the job right, every time.

Contact Crown Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your air sealing needs in the Akron, OH area. We look forward to improving your indoor air quality and home performance!

The Problem with Leaky Ducts

Your air ducts are as important to you heating and cooling bills as the HVAC systems themselves. Our air sealing services keep them airtight and completely stop them from leaking to unwanted areas. Take a look at the following signs to see if sealing your ductwork could improve your life.

  • Increased energy costs, pointing to heat being gained and lost through air leaks.
  • Trouble controlling humidity levels, even after the installation of a humidifier and dehumidifier.
  • Hot or cold spots popping up in various areas of your home.
  • An increase in airborne pollutants in your home.

If you notice any of these signs in your Akron, OH area home, please give our team a call!

Do You Need Professional Air Sealing Services?

When you entrust our team with your professional air sealing services, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Our air sealing methods are guaranteed to boost the efficiency of your climate control systems so you’re paying as little as possible to heat and cool your home all year long. But there is no one-size-fits all solution—we’ll need to assess your specific needs.

Different sized homes might contain ductwork of all shapes and sizes that need specialized care. We must also take into account the type of heater or air conditioner you use, in order to maximize the efficiency of the system while we seal the gaps and holes in your air ducts. This isn’t a job that can be done by just anyone, specialized equipment must be used by train professionals in order to get the job done right.

Serving Stark & Summit Counties

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