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Solar Water Heaters in Akron, OH

You may think that solar energy can only be used to run certain appliances, like your HVAC system or home lighting. But did you know that it could also be used to power your water heater? And you needn’t look far for expert solar hot water heater installation and services—just give our number a call!

Crown Group Ohio has been serving the plumbing needs of homeowners throughout Akron, OH and beyond for over 6 decades, and we look forward to helping with your water heater need. We’re a customer-focused and service-oriented company, dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn about the power of going solar, and to schedule your solar water heater services.

Boost Efficiency by Going Solar

What makes solar water heaters so efficient? Their setup! They’re comprised of a storage tank and solar collectors. The solar collectors absorb energy from the sun, and that energy is used to electrically heat the water in your home.

Solar water heaters come in two forms—active or passive. Choosing the right style is essential to your specific home and needs. Our team is here to help you make an informed decision, and we’re happy to discuss all your water heating options with you.

Active Solar Water Heating

Active solar water heaters come in a direct circulation pump model, or an indirect circulation system. The direct circulation pump circulates water through the solar collectors and into your home. The latter pumps a heat transfer fluid through the collectors and heat exchanger.

Due to the winter weather we experience here in Akron, OH and the communities we serve, indirect circulation systems are typically the best choice. This way, there’s no need to worry about freezing occurring within the lines.

Passive Solar Water Heating

If you’re looking for maximum affordability, you’d do well to consider the passive solar water heater system. These are not typically as efficient as active solar water heaters, but they tend to have a longer lifespan and therefore be more reliable. If your home requires a high demand of hot water throughout the day, a passive system may be the best option.

Passive water heaters either have an integral collector or a thermosiphon system. The integral collector is typically less expensive upfront; however the thermosiphon is best for homes that get below freezing in the wintertime.

Comprehensive Solar Water Heating Services

As we outlined above, there are a number of considerations to make when choosing solar water heating. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Contact a member of our Akron, OH team and we’ll happily walk you through your water heating options to help you make an educated decision.

We’re also here for any solar water heating maintenance and repair needs you may have. Remember, the better your solar water heater is cared for, the better it will perform, and the longer it will last! Crown Group Ohio is here for your professional solar hot water heater services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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